List of Coronavirus Helpline Numbers of All States & UTs in India

After the coronavirus outbreak in India, the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare announced helpline numbers to help people on the same. The central coronavirus helpline number is +91-11-23978046.

Anyone can reach out to this central helpline number for coronavirus related queries and help. Apart from this, people can also call on their respective state and UTs specific numbers which are given below.

Source: MoHFW

The total number of coronavirus cases in India has reached to 942, according to the data provided by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The deadly virus has claimed 29 lives in the country and there is 21 days nation-wide lockdown announced by MP Modi.

Corona Lockdown: Delhi Govt Sets Up Relief Centers; Here’s How to Find Them

The Delhi Government has set up over 500 relief centers in the city to offer free food and shelter to the needy amid the Covid-19 lockdown. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) led government has also launched a customized Google Maps with the locations of these relief centers.

The relief centers as well as shelter homes are located across the city. Needy people can visit these places for lunch which starts at 12 PM and for dinner which starts at 6 PM every day.

The customized Google map for these centers shows locations and shelter homes are denoted with a fork and spoon symbol in red color and the schools are denoted with a food and beverage symbol in blue, where people can get food.

How to Find Relief Center?

You can access the customized map by following the above link on mobile or desktop. Here, you can zoom in to the icons to get a better look. To get the address of the relief center, you can tap on the location pin and it will open up the full address.

The map is built inside Google Maps, so the navigation will appear on the same and people can select the arrow icon for directions.

We consider that most of the people who are in need of these relief centers may not have smartphones, so you guys are advised to guide them through this map.