Indian Railways Prepares Coaches as Isolation Wards for Covid-19 Patients

India Railways has asked zonal railways to prepare 20,000 coaches as isolation wards for Covid-19 patients. The rail ministry is taking this measure to make sure for smooth healthcare operations in case the number of positive cases rises drastically in the country.

Initially, around 16 railway ones of the Indian railways will start converting 5,000 coaches into isolation wards to meet the requirement of any contingency of keeping corona patients when required by the government.

Apart from this, Rail Minister also said that more than 6,500 beds at Railway hospitals will also be available for Covid-19 patients.

Following this order, some zonal railways including the Northern Railway, and Southern Railway, have already started preparing the prototypes of such isolation coaches.

The Northern Railway zone says that it has already converted 16 coaches into isolation wards for Covid-19 patients and another 20 coaches will be ready by 31 March.

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