Coronavirus: Do Not Use Sanitizer Near Fire or Heating Place

These days hand sanitizer is being used by a majority of people at regular intervals after the recent coronavirus outbreak. Govt officials and healthcare personnel recommend this product every time you touch something from outside to ward-off infection from coronavirus.

However, you should use this product with the utmost care, especially near the fire as it contains alcohol. In an incident, a man from Rewari, Haryana got burnt himself after using sanitizer.

The 44-yr-old man was brought to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital on Sunday night with 35% burn injuries. He got burnt as a fire broke out when he spilled sanitizer on his clothes and it caught fire with cooking gas.

“High ethyl alcohol content-up to 62%-in hand sanitizers makes it highly flammable. Don’t use sanitizers near the fire/heating place. It should be used in sufficient quantity & allowed to dry”, said Dr. Mahesh Mangal, Chairman, Dept of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi.

So, make sure you use sanitizer in sufficient quantity, allow it to dry and don’t go near a fire until it dries.

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